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Proviz Nightrider Men's Cycling Jacket 2.0

Proviz Nightrider Men's Cycling Jacket 2.0
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The new Nightrider jacket from Proviz combines the much-loved and highly effective retro-reflective REFLECT360 material with a high-spec super visible, waterproof, and highly breathable fabric to offer a complete day/night combination for all-year cycling.

Highly breathable (10,000 gm/24hr) material keeps you at your own optimal temperature, and excellent waterproofing (10,000mm) ensures you'll stay dry but any excess moisture will be able to easily escape.

We have used the same material as our world-renowned REFLECT360 range. The material has been strategically positioned on the jacket to give the maximum amount of retro-reflection. Light from a vehicle's headlights is reflected back toward the driver to help you be seen more clearly at night and defy the darkness!

- Micro-fleece-lined collar for added comfort and warmth
- Quick-dry mesh lining for extra comfort
- Utilizes Reflect360 retro-reflective material in key areas to maximize visibility
- Machine washable fabric—100% Polyester with TPU waterproofing
- Adjustable waistband and Velcro cuff
- Waterproof storm zip
- Seam-sealed for extra waterproofing